Ricardo Andrés Vargas Rodríguez

Inserted on the working market from a young age, I discover my vocation in the technology industry, especially in the development of web solutions. The great opportunity to work in companies like NEmedia S.A. and Consultur Dorado help me to grow and develop the right skills asset to focus on results, high analysis capacity, and teamwork.

Graduated from APEC University on System Engineer, I specialize in Analysis and Develop of Systems, Planification and Project Management, System Administration on mix environments (Windows, Linux, Unix and Apple's Like Environment), and App Colocation in Cloud Platforms.

Over the last years, I'm participating in an active way on severals web project of differences sizes and levels, develop solutions in programming languages like PHP, Javascript, MongoDB and Node.js; and modifying and implementing several types of content management, especially Joomla, Wordpress, and OpenCart.

Currently, I continue expanding my knowledge, looking for grow and push my profile into the next level, building confidence and learning about all the required skills missing to convert myself into a Full Stack Web Developer; pushing myself on projects that demand to reach the limits.

Current Skills

  • Front-End
    • HTML 5
    • CSS 3
    • CSS Preprocessors (SASS, LESS)
    • CSS Frameworks (UIKit, Bootstrap, Bulma, Semantic UI)
    • Javascript (ES 6)
    • Javascript Frameworks (jQuery, Vue.js - Redux)
  • Back-End
    • PHP
    • PHP Frameworks
      • Laravel 5.x
      • Cake PHP
    • MySQL / MariaDB
    • Regular Expressions
  • DevOps
    • Linux
    • Cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)
    • Web Servers (Apache, nGinx)
    • Terminal (Bash Script, VIM)
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