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Back to the game

Serie: Entrepreneurs

Tarde o temprano la disciplina superará la inteligencia...

After a long time without share on this space, I'm back to the game in the most optimistic way, understanding that discipline and perseverance are the base for success.

Methodology Definition

Serie: Software Life Cycle

Necesidad de una Metodología - Definición de Metodología

Any software development included essential aspects like planning, analysis, and design, joining secondary aspects, like coding and testing.

Need for a Methodology

Necesidad de una Metodología - Necesidad de una Metodología

The Software Cycle Life comes defined by the selected methodology used for the development process. The main purpose of the methodology has had the tools that allow us to control any stage of the program development.



Good planning set the perfect scenario with all the goals of the organization and define the right procedures to reach those targets, organizing the work in order of the main targets.